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Australian Disability Parking Permit Replacement Application
Welcome - please read this information before ordering your replacement parking permit

Applying for a replacement Australian Disability Parking Permit

Transport Access Scheme members who have lost their parking permit or had their parking permit stolen can apply for a replacement parking permit here.

Please note: if you have a temporary parking permit issued through a council, you must apply to the issuing council for a replacement.

Also note: if your parking permit was issued in a State other than Tasmania, you must apply to the issuing authority in that State for a replacement.

A fee of $11.00 is payable for the replacement of lost parking permits. The fee is waived for the replacement of stolen parking permits, if a police report number is provided.

Damaged or faulty parking permits are also replaced free of charge, however they must be surrendered and a new parking permit applied for at a Service Tasmania shop.

You should receive your replacement parking permit within 7 working days of ordering, however it may take up to 15 working days for your replacement to arrive during busy periods.

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stop By proceeding with this order for a replacement Australian Disability Parking permit, the lost or stolen parking permit you are replacing will be cancelled. A parking infringement will be issued if a cancelled permit is used.

If you would prefer to order and pay for your parking permit in person, you may do so at a Service Tasmania shop, using this form.