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Transport Access Scheme Taxi Subsidy Smartcard Replacement

Transport Access Scheme Taxi Subsidy Smartcard Replacement Application
Welcome - please read this information before ordering your replacement smartcard

Applying for a replacement Taxi Subsidy Smartcard

Transport Access Scheme members who have lost their Taxi Subsidy Smartcard or had their Taxi Subsidy Smartcard stolen can apply for a replacement Smartcard here.

A fee of $11.00 is payable for the replacement of lost Smartcards. The fee is waived for the replacement of stolen cards, if a police report number is provided.

Damaged or faulty Smartcards are also replaced free of charge, however they must be surrendered and a new Smartcard applied for at a Service Tasmania shop.

Taxi Subsidy Smartcard

You should receive your replacement Taxi Subsidy Smartcard within 7 working days of ordering, however it may take 15 working days for your replacement to arrive during busy periods.

stop By proceeding with this order for a replacement Taxi Subsidy Smartcard, the lost or stolen Smartcard you are replacing will be permanently cancelled. The lost or stolen Smartcard cannot be reactivated if recovered.

If you would prefer to order and pay for your Taxi Subsidy Smartcard in person, you may do so at a Service Tasmania shop, using this form.


Phone: 1300 135 513