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Replacement student bus pass for free travel application form


Please take a moment to read the information below and also we suggest you read the Student Bus Pass for free travel Guidelines and the Student Bus Pass for free travel Privacy Statement before completing your application.*

When completing this application you are required to fill in the applicant’s details, student details, date of birth, school and bus operators name(s).

Who can apply for a replacement Student Bus Pass for free travel?

Students who have previously been approved for free travel or a free transfer on a student fare paying service (other than Metro, Tassielink or Merseylink) and their card is

  • lost/stolen ( fee is waived with a police report number) or
  • damaged or
  • not working (Merseylink only) or
  • the students trip details have changed


A fee of $11 is payable for a replacement card if the card has been lost, stolen or deliberately damaged.

If the card has been damaged through no fault of the owner or there has been a change of trip details, customers will need to go to Service Tasmania, surrender the card and fill out a paper application. No fee will be charged under these circumstances.

Metro and Tassielink Travellers

If you travel only on Metro or Tassielink services you can apply for a replacement Greencard directly from Metro. Click here to go the Tas Metro website


Phone: 1300 135 513


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